Everything that's wrong with The Indians

India, a country having a population of well over 1.3 billion. The score is going to keep increasing at a very rapid rate. We are in such an economy where not only do we have to be the victims of poverty, unemployment, black money but just the mental state of society in general has gone to an all time low. It's a problem when you talk about becoming a "Superpower by 2020". There are end number of problems that India is facing right now. On paper it might seem that we are the most developing nation in the entire world but the truth is, there are still so many issues still to be addressed. At the end of the day, no one is happy. Everyone has got an issue or two to be addressed. You sit along, you  have a proper rant about how and what is wrong about this country but you still have to face it. You still have to breath the same air which chokes you, you still have to abide the rules that you feel are nowhere close to being perfect, you still have to work in the same toxic environment every single day cause that's how you can survive. This blog is not about what's wrong with India, that's known to each one of us. We know the employment rate, we know the GDP, we know how much black money is still to be talked about, we know how the justice body works. This blog is about us, the Indians, the citizens of this country. The citizens makes a country. So if there's something wrong with this country, directly or indirectly, it has something to do with the citizens as well!

Moral Values

Don't we talk about it too many times? The moral values are the most integral part of life. In this toxic society, we never really understand what's good or what's bad. We are sent into the schools and we start a phase of our lives. We start to become a part of this system. But when do we get to learn about the moral values? There might be a chapter or two in one of the books and we might be told to study about it. But do we really learn about the moral values? Well looking at the self-obsessed behavior of each individual, that's a very long shot. We don't know about moral values. All we know is how would we be able to survive in this population of 1.3 billion people. And in the process, we forget to understand the basics. That's one of the biggest concerns about us!


This is a problem that must have been addressed so many times but you can't help it anymore, it's a part of the system. The first and basic rule of Westernization, you need to know English. If you don't know English, you don't know how to write it or speak it, no matter how talented you are, you become nothing but useless. It's fine to become westernized if you intend to but why is it a part of the system? Why does professionalism mean you need to be good at English, you need to wear a suit and a tie and you need to be behaving like a corporately created robotic machine? We, in the process of learning about Western people and Western behaviours have forgotten the sense of vision and forgotten to have a very own identity of ourselves! 

The Gender differentiation

If you open the pages of books of history, you'll get to understand how much differentiation is there in our society. The women were treated like they didn't have any value. Each one of them had to marry a person and be devoted to him, through thick and thin, through fire and ice, through good and bad. No matter if he abuses you, no matter if he doesn't value you. Let's not talk about the ordinary women here. Sita mata, the avatar of goddess Laxmi herself wasn't cure to this disease. And even in today's day and age this problem still exists. Not at the same level of course but the inequality somehow still exists. It's ironical that we talk about becoming a Superpower when we have failed to even treat the two genders equally. Equality to LGBTQ is still a far fetched dream!

Judgemental Behavior

How easily do we judge people? Such is our society that we are afraid of taking any step. We have to think ten times before doing something that might not be normal. People don't show their honest behavior to anyone else but the close friends or the family members or both. If a person wants to achieve a career in singing or dancing or sports or anything that's not conventional, people will try to crticize that person. They will try to pull him down for breaking the norms of the society. But why is it the case? What's wrong in persuing something that one desires? Why can't this society and its filthy creatures mind their own business? Well, you may never know!

Failing to understand one's true identity

What are you? An engineer? Do you really love engineering? Or are you a medical student? Do you really wanna be a doctor? Or are you an MBA student? You must really be eager to give your managerial services to an organization? Let's face it, we are all having an identity which might truly not be ours. In this confusing world, you don't really have too many options. So you look at peers, your friends. Let us see what they are doing and based on that we will decide a career for us. Go in front of your mirror, look yourself dead in your eyes and ask yourself a question. Do you really want this? Do you really want to do what you are doing? The majority will have an answer in no. But what can we basically do? We can either live through everything that we don't desire and talk about it or we can live through everything that we don't desire and not talk about it at all. At the end of the day, we are losing our true identity. And that's a huge concern!

Things will change

In the end I have got only one thing to say. Don't lose your hopes, not yet. Every underdog gets to write his story. You walk up a ladder and you may drop down but the intensity level should never go down. Sure there's a lot of competition out there, there are a lot of problems. But nothing will happen if you stay back and curse yourself. The fighting spirit is what defines people. Everyone starts from the very scratch. Find your own identity, don't care about what people say about you. If you're right in what you're doing, there might be a thousand hurdles in your way, there will be forces which try and push you back but one day, one mighty day, things will change!  

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  1. I salute your honesty in this post. Pakistani people have similar issues!