Narendra Modi: A Brand

It's been roughly around 3 weeks since the results came out. Before the elections itself, most people could picture where the results were heading. NDA always had an edge over UPA & we could see Modi government coming back to control the nation all over again. But what we couldn't picture is how worse it panned out for UPA. As predicted, NDA came back to rule the country, bettering its performance from the 2014 elections, winning as many as 303 seats in comparison to 282 in 2014. It was a dominant win back in 2014 as well but this time around it seemed like UPA might just be able to give a competition or maybe even threaten BJP to not take the majority. But as soon as results came out, the experts were shocked so was UPA. UPA had won as many as 44 seats in 2014. They did improve on their performance from last time, winning 52 seats of the lot but it was nowhere close. If my mathematical senses aren't lost yet, NDA won almost 6 times the votes that UPA did. How on earth did NDA pull off such a commanding, earth shattering, dominant win over UPA? There might be various answers to my how. But the biggest of them is the former Gujarat Chief Minister, "The chowkidaar" of the nation. An incredible journey from a chaiwaala to by far the most influential Indian at present, Narendra Modi has set an example. But what makes him special? Why do people route for him? Why has "Modi Leher" taken the entire country by a storm? Me, writing my 1st ever blog, is going to take you through some highlight points that makes Modi what he is!

The Social Media Star

Oh do I need to elaborate? Narendra Modi has used social media as a weapon & reaped the benefits. You compare BJP's initiatives going into the elections this year with that of INC's, you'll understand how big of a difference it really is. BJP led by Modiji himself left no chance promoting their good work on social media. If we talk about Narendra Modi himself, he's writing history on social media. He's by far the most followed Indian on social media, with a count of as many as 48 million followers & stands at 20th position in terms of the most followed people on Twitter in the entire world. He has as many as 44 million followers on Facebook, almost twice more than US president Donald Trump. On Instagram his count is 23 million, again almost 10 million more than the US president Donald Trump. This is when he has roughly posted even half as much as Donald Trump. This is how humongously popular Narendra Modi is on social media platforms!

The Youth Connection

India's population is dominated by the youth. As per India's census in 2011, India's population comprises of 19.1% of youth & by 2020, it will rise up to as much as 35% of the entire population. So for a leader, it becomes important to connect with the youth of the country. There are youths who are not-so-pleased with the love for Modi but majority of youth sides by Modi. They believe in Modi & they believe in the fact that he'll turn India into a superpower very soon. Making youth believe in you is a tough task in hand, as each & everyone of the youth has an opinion to raise, an argument to do. Somehow, some way Narendra Modi has found a way to connect with the youth which is one of the headline reasons why he has become the PM second time in a row! 

Influential & Powerful Orator

Now let's compare the leader of BJP & leader of Congress on this front. Rahul Gandhi has been very much bashed & trolled for his speeches time & again while Narendra Modi is very much appreciated for the way he presents himself in public. The biggest strength of Narendra Modi's ability to be an influential Speaker is that he knows the pulse of the audience. He tells people exactly what they want to hear. Has he kept on his promises? Well, that's definitely debatable. But the greatest edge he has over his opponents is how well he can garnish his talks & influence people to vote for him. He has  the quintessential quality to rule over Indians, the understanding of mass human psychology. That's simply incredible!



Oh my memelords, where are you? The most Narendra Modi has been bashed on social media platforms is for his foreign trips. It's funny but Narendra Modi can rightly be called an NRI, a term which Gujaraitis are very fond of. But it's also the truth that diplomacy is very important quality to have. To better relations with a foreign country is always going to help, especially when a need is going to arise. Understanding the trade ventures of countries like Japan, US, Russia will always help in making better policies in the country to have better results. Modi Ji is quick & erudite enough how to connect with the foreign ministers. It's crazy to think that India has signed over 185 defense deals since Modi's arrival as the PM of the country. Strengthening the defense of a country is foremost & Narendra Modi has been able to understand it & quite evidently so!

THE Brand

Narendra Modi has definitely struck the righteous chord with the people of the nation. But there have been a few instances when his governance was questioned. His motive of reclaiming the black money, providing employment, make in India have just been a paper work which is far from execution. But one thing is for sure, he has got the guts to try & make a difference. Demonetization was a step in the right direction which unfortunately ended up having more cons than the pros but another 5 year time period to his governance will only give a clear picture of how well has he fared as the leader of the nation. As for now, ModiMania is running wild on people & he's got all the backing in the world he could have asked for. Is it a blind support of the charismatic PM? Or is he really the leader which people feel he is? These questions are still unanswerable but one thing is for sure. Narendra Modi is not just a name, it is a brand! 

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