Tennis: One of the toughest sports in the world

When we talk about some of the most popular sports in the entire world, football is the first thing that comes to our mind. Other than that, there's hardly any sport which is enjoyed all across the globe. Tennis is one such sport which is immensely popular, much like Football. Some of the most popular sportspersons like Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal come from Tennis. What makes this sport more special is how tough it really is!

  Regular involvement 

Let's take cricket and football as examples. Both the sports give players relief every other moment. Your involvement may or may not be asked for. More often than not you're sitting at the bench easing yourself out. It isn't the case with Tennis. Tennis requires you to be in the game every micro second, physically as well as mentally! 

  Demands Stamina 

Well o well, does this sport demand stamina? A normal Tennis game lasts 3-4 hours. The maximum duration that a tennis game can last ranges between 6 to 7 hours. Crazy, isn't it? So not only does this sport require regular involvement but you have to hit hard as well, you can't go lazy about things, not even for a single moment. So if you want to persue a career in Tennis, you got to work on your stamina! 

Incredible body work 

When you look at  a tennis player, the first thing you notice is the fitness. Some players have absolutely perfect legs and we wish to have the similar shape as well. It isn't that easy folks. The leg work demanded in Tennis is out of the world. Sometimes you have to move fast and sometimes you need to apply those breaks. The degree to which you need to move your arms, your feet, your hands, your head, your back, your kness, it's not really how a normal human body functions!

Severe injuries

You do face injuries in every sport but nothing like the injuries you face in Tennis. How many times have we seen star tennis players lose their form after being away from the sport for number of weeks, months and sometimes even years? Normally, a sportsperson's retirement comes in his 30s. But in Tennis, on an average, players are required to quit the sport in the 20s itself, such is the physical demand of the sport. More often than not, tennis players retire due to career ending injuries! 

An endearing sport

A sport surrounds itself with controversies. Heat of the moment leads to arguments which even leads to physical fights. Tennis is one of those few sports which barely has too many controversies surrounding it. There might have been a few instances on the ground but tennis players keep all the arguments and fights on the field and take nothing of it back home. That's the beauty of it. When a tennis game ends, you can hear an enormous applause for the players by the crowd around the court. It speaks volumes about the respect that this game has. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is a sport with the least amount of haters!

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