5 Ways to make yourself stronger in tough times

Tough times are so uncalled for. No one wants to face the situations when he or she would feel like life doesn't mean anything and there's no point going forward. Suicidal thoughts? That's every person out there. Suicidal attempts? Well some of them don't shy away from trying suicide as well. Some of them don't have the guts but some of them don't give it a second thought. Sometimes you need to understand that life is going to give you those tough situations. It's going to throw those obstacles in your way. The hindrances that you face in your path to glory will make you crumble under you own two feet in no moment. But you can't just quit, that's never a great option. There's a very famous saying that goes something like "Quitters never win and Winners never quit". But how to safeguard yourself from such a situation? How to believe in yourself during those tough times? There are a few ways that you can consider if you want to feel stronger during those tough times!

1. Think about the past struggles

When will be the moment when you decide to quit? Of course when you fail at something time and time again. But when you decide to quit, you surely need to look back at your past struggles. If you can go through all the pain, all the sufferings, all the failures in the past, why can't you do it all over again in the present? Just see through this struggling period, you have got the potential to go through it and come out of it stronger than ever!

2. Look at the positives

The tough phase has its own charm. It has its own positives. When you will go through the tough phase in your life and after a certain period of time you finally achieve something, you'll have a lot more to learn from the failures that you faced than the success that you attained. If you climb a ladder and straightaway reach the top of it without any trouble, you will not be cautious before climbing that ladder the next time that might result in a bad injury. But if you fail to climb that ladder in the first few attempts and finally get to do it somewhere down the road, you will cherish it more than anything else.

3. Learn to get hold of your expectations

It's a pre conceived notion. Sometimes we expect too much out of something. If I talk about a student's life, someone might be expecting 90% in the boards. If he gets 85%, he will feel bad about it. Why can't he acknowledge the fact that 85% is a very healthy percentage to attain as well? We keep our expectations so mighty high that if we fail to reach the mamooth target, we feel devastated. Why can't we just do our karma without thinking about the result? If we do that, no matter how bad the failure is, we might be able to stay positive more often than not.

4. Pay gratitude to yourself

Don't we blame ourselves too much? When we don't achieve the things that we want to, we start to look at the mistakes and treat ourselves like a bunch of losers. If society talks in negative sense about us, we start to lose the hope even further. Why can't we look into the good aspects in us? There's surely a couple of qualities that everyone has but we forget to address it. We surely run after the cons in us but there are certainly some positives as well which we fail to analyze more often than not.

5. Be ready for tougher occasions

We might feel our life sucks and it can't get any worse but let's face the facts already, we are going to witness a lot tougher times in the future. But there has to be a point when you have to be ready for what situations your fate might throw at you. You can't hide from it, you can't get depressed because of it. You just have to be ready for the worst of the circumstances. If you're ready to face those occasions, there won't really be those depressing moments to follow in your life!

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  1. This was a great read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Checking expectations is definitely important for certain situations--struggling with blogging, for instance. That struggle is way real for me. But I always try to learn something from every challenge and struggle so I can keep pushing through. Makes the next round of tough times easier to get through!

    1. That's true, sometimes expectations can lead to heartbreaks

  3. Life is definitely a roller coaster at times. Sometimes the hard times come by far too often. These are great things to keep in mind for when those difficult times hit.

  4. Insightful post! We tend to focus on our struggles and forget about our achievements.

    1. Exactly that & because of this behavior, we tend to suffer