Indian Media: A curse?

Media can be best described as one of the major sources of information. You can live in any corner of the world yet know everything that's occurring across the globe, that's what media does for you. No matter which field you're interested in, no matter what kind of information you want out of that field, media always comes to your rescue. But there are always two sides of the coin. In India, Media and its content have deteriorated drastically over the last number of years. Here are a few ways how Media has become a curse for the entire nation and its people:-

Based on Propaganda

There's no doubt in the fact that media has become worse day after day ever since BJP has come to the throne in 2014. The news channels have kept on describing Modi as the demigod, highlighting all the goods he has done in the country. But everything that's going wrong in the country is barely highlighted. Even if the bads in the country gets highlighted, the blame somehow shifts to Congress and the wrongs it did for six decades. You can clearly sense the biasness in the viewpoints.

Stressing on TRP

It's ironical that media was once supposed to be about spreading information amongst the people but it has come down to this point when all of it is about business. News channels care only about TRPs. They won't look to highlight the social issues in the country unless that issue is going to provide them the TRPs, it's plain ridiculous. Most of the news channels stress on political debates which are never supposed to reach a conclusion.

Hiding the bitter truths

Media these days focuses only on the aspects which are pleasant to the audience's ears. It is almost impossible for the media to reveal a hard truth. For a fact, the Indian economy is not growing for a number of years. Ever since demonetization, we are suffering from an economical syndrome. But the media isn't ready to come out with the facts which are a really sad reality.

Atmosphere of Intimidation

This is a problem not just with Indian media but all the people across this nation. For a fact, we are becoming more and more intolerant day by day. If we sense a little bit of mistake in anyone's opinion, especially if that opinion hurts our belief, we make it sure that opinion is not raised anymore. In such a toxic environment, it becomes almost impossible for media to work very honestly as there's too much focus on whether people would like their content or lash out on it straight away.

A ray of hope

Although 70 to 80 percent of current media is all over the place for so many reasons, there are media houses like "The Wire" that doesn't hide away from stating the obvious. It has highlighted the issues which other media outlets are not even trying to touch. Thus, there's still a ray of hope and faith left in media. Will this hope fade away completely? Will we see a turnaround in this democratic country which is not-so-democratic anymore? Time will definitely tell but one thing is for sure, we have to demand the change in current media!

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  1. Sadly, media plays a role everywhere. The good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. It definitely does & if it plays the ugly part, it reflects upon the entire society.

  2. Very true for the world over. Great read thank you.

    1. It's spreading like a cancer in India so it was important to highlight the issue!