War: Big Canvas, Routine Story

So today is the day when one of the most anticipated movie of the year releases. War, starring Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff, directed by Siddharth Anand, was made on a huge budget. The movie is going to enjoy a large 5 day weekend along with the huge anticipations surrounding the film. The teaser and the trailer of the film indicated how grandeur the film is going to be but did it really live up to its billing? Or did it fall flat on its face? Let's analyze it by stating the plus & the minus points of the film.

The Plus 

Cinematography & Production Design 

The film has been produced by YashRaj Productions who happen to be one of the biggest production companies of this country. There was doubt in the fact that they will go all out to deliver a mass entertainer as they travelled all around the world to shoot for the film. The way VFX & cinematography has been executed is absolutely top notch & you can feel the sensational production work. YashRaj deserves all the credit for their hard work! 

Fighting sequences 

When you make a film with Hrithik Roshan & Tiger Shroff, you expect them to show their chiseled body, their dance sequences & of course, the fighting talent that they have got. Although I feel the sequences weren't as top notch as it could have been, it is still very well put up. Tiger has shown off his credibility in action again and Hrithik has come back to action after many years & the Greek god hasn't skipped a beat.

The major twist 

I can't say much here as it would prove to be a spoiler but there's that one moment where your jaws will drop after a sudden twist. It is something that you could least expect with all the build up to that scene. The follow up of that twist might disappoint you but not the moment when the twist occurs! 

The Minus 

Thin layered characters 

You have an actor like Hrithik Roshan in a film, you have a young sensation like Tiger Shroff & you don't even have properly written characters for them? Tiger has gone through a rollercoaster in this film & his character or may I say characters Arc is truly acceptable. But Hrithik's character Kabir is hard to understand at so many points. You will dislike him at points as well. There's no character that stands out which truly depicts the characterization. The most likeable character of the film is played by Vaani Kapoor which stays for like 15 minutes in the film.

Background Music & Songs 

If we compare South Indian industry to Hindi film industry, one aspect where South India is regarded way better than Hindi is background music. If you want to elevate a scene to next level, you need the bgm to strengthen your film. Sadly this film's background music runs on one note, literally one note. There are barely any songs in the film but even if there are, they are very forgettable. This film needed a nice music album but they hardly focused on the music department.

Slow narration

When you hear the word action thriller, you expect a racy screenplay. When we talk about action thrillers, we tend to think about Hollywood. You will never realize the duration in a film like John Wick because it is built on action, suspense & turn of events at regular intervals. But with this film, you get a lot of flashbacks at one point or the other. Siddharth Anand completely missed the trick here in making a great action film.

Weak villainous characters

When you will come out of theatre, you will ask this question to yourself. Who was the biggest villain of the film? Probably its story. Apart from that, there's really no menacing villain in here. The major twist that I talked about in the plus points of the film lasts for a minute and then it gets back to normal. You will not really feel happy for the victory for protagonist at the back end, it's a very numb feeling. 

If you go into the film with a lot of expectations, you will feel terribly disappointed of the product. If you go with little expectations, you might still be able to enjoy it in bits. One thing for sure, War is a strict one time watch! 

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  1. Thank you so much for the heads up! You know I'm often left so disappointed when I watch a new film. The trailers seem great but, the actually movie is a let down. I am keen for the new joker movie though ... I hear its quite dark, and has great acting. Note sure if you've seen it yet?