Inception: Hollywood movie of the decade?

This decade is on a verge of being over. With little expectations from the last month of the year, film buffs can look back at this decade now and see through the most exciting and entertaining of the lot. This decade was full of films backed by superhero comics. Most of the movies that did more than $1 billion were franchise films, mostly superhero flicks. However in terms of content, 2010s wasn't the best decade for Hollywood. The great films existed here and there but not as consistently as in 1990s or 2000s. But there's one film which stands apart from the rest of the queue. A film one for ages, a never seen before piece of cinema which will be treasured forever. Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan, came out in theaters on 16th July 2016 and the rest is history. Here are a few reasons which backs the fact that it is the best Hollywood film produced this decade:-

Never before never again screenplay

One of the biggest strengths of this film is its original and racy screenplay. It is not based on a novel or anything. It's the genius Christopher Nolan who has created this brainstorming, unthinkable piece of art. At no point you find this film to be comparable to any other film or tv series premiered before the release of this film. This is one of the main reasons why it stands out as well.

Ahead of the contemporary cinema 

At a time when superhero films had started to gain strengths with DCU coming with the first two parts of The Dark Knight franchise and MCU with Iron Man, you would think it wouldn't have suited the flavors of audience very well. Newsflash, it stole heart & mind of each & everyone who watched this film. Even if the movie released today, it would still be ahead of its time. That's the beauty of Inception! 


To add to this fantastic screenplay and story, there's that soundtrack. Oh well, you can get goosebumps just by thinking about it. Hans Zimmer & Christopher Nolan combo has always delivered big time, it was no exception this time around either. The music in each and every scene works picture perfect and you need to give it to Hans Zimmer for delivering probably his best work to date.

Characterization, performances and direction

Since it cannot be an entire book which this film deserves by the way if someone tries, I need to put all these points into one. Characters of this film complement each other so well and each one makes its presence felt, they mean something. It's the most restrained yet outstanding performance for Leonardo DiCaprio as Dom Cobb and he has been accompanied by a talented cast including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, Ellen Page and many more and none of them skipped a beat. As for Christopher Nolan, it has to go down as his most accomplished work to date and a piece of art that he and all his fans should be proud of. Simply a legendary direction from the best director of his generation by a long shot! 

Revolutionary climax 

Generally when a film ends, you expect it to explain itself so that you can make an opinion of the entire work as a whole. But this movie, this goddamn movie simply cheats you. You can make a thousand theories out of the climax and I bet you wouldn't be sure of none, that's the genius in Christopher Nolan for you who plays with your mind and keeps you on the edge even if you watch it a dozen times. This film's climax has been an inspiration to hundreds of films all across the globe which speaks volumes about how amazing it truly was. 

So if you haven't checked this one out yet, you're missing something spectacular. If you have, check it out again. You need to bestow all the affection on this film. It truly deserves all your love! 

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