A few interesting facts of life!

Life is all about learning something new in one way or the other. The life of each human being differs from that of the other. Some might be facing catastrophes while some might be enjoying their lives to the fullest. But there are certain facts of life that does not change regardless of what situation you are facing or what environment you are living in. If you will ever try to study and learn new things, you are going to end up with a lot of interesting thoughts. Here are a few facts to shed the lights on:-

     A cloud weighs million pounds 

It doesn't feel the same by the looks of it right? But a cloud is not something which is lightweight. In fact, a cloud weighs more than a million pounds. You might be thinking how it afloats when it is so heavy. It is because the air under it weighs even more. The correct figure for the weight of a cloud is 1.1 million pounds.

     Bublebees can fly really high 

Bublebees are very weird yet interesting creatures. A recent study made some shocking revelations. You might feel like only human beings can reach atop of mount Everest, that's definitely not the case. Here's the newsflash, bublebees can fly as high as 9,000 meters which is higher than mount Everest. It is crazy how high they can really go! 

Spiderwebs as bandages 

You read it right in the first place, there is no error either. Back in the day, spiderwebs were actually used as bandages. This used to happen in Greece and Rome. There were not many tools back then so the doctors used to go for spiderwebs because they have natural antiseptic properties. It means that spiderwebs can keep your wounds clean and prevent from any sort of infection possible.

Use chewing gum while cutting onions

Oh don't we hate this part? We despise it. Cutting onions is like a sin which we have to face on regular basis. As tasty as it might make your food, it can truly blindside you for minutes. But here's a solution, you can chew bubblegum while doing it. Chewing encourages you to breath through your mouth and onion chemicals would not pass through your nasal.

Bones in your feet

There are about 26 bones and 33 joints in each of your feet. It sums up to be 52 bones in your feet out of the 206 bones in your entire body. Your feet have a quarter of all the bones that you have. To be logical, the feet carries weight of an entire body. If it is not for your feet, you cannot move from one place to the other on your own. So you should not be really surprised while reading this.

Lakes in Australia

Australia have some really beautiful natural lakes. In Western Australia, there's a lake called lake Hillier. The strange thing about this lake is that it is pink. There is a high salt content in there and also the presence of algae Dunaliella salina. Another lake in the same area is called Hutt Lagoon. This lake is purple colored but it changes its color from time to time. It has the same content as lake Hillier. Whatever might be the case, both these lakes are pretty damn beautiful! 

There are more facts to be added but let's save the day for another blog. Shall we? 

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  1. Definitely some fun trivia here. I learned about the number of bones in my feet recently when I broke a toe and cracked a bone in the side of my foot - As the doctor was talking through everything with me, it was fascinating.

    1. It is fascinating and awe inspiring. If we try to learn new things everyday, there's so much to learn. There's a whole bunch of things we miss out!

  2. Good and helpful information. Thanks !

  3. Wow! I didn't know most of these things. The world is a marvelous place... thank you for sharing! ��