Sex Education in India: The need is now more than ever!

"Rape", how usual term has it become today? Aren't we living in a country where we get to hear about a rape incident every other day? These are the cases that we get to hear about. How many of them are unheard? How many of them have just gotten lost in the shuffle? These are the questions that arise in all of our minds. The recent incident in Hyderabad shook the entire country by its core. But how many of such incidents happen and we don't get to know about it? Many, way too many. 

Some may point out at the fact that justice is not getting served in most cases. But let's not go way too far. Let's just stick to the basics. Rapes do not occur because people have law in their hands, it is definitely not the biggest reason. Some people might bullshit that parents should raise their boys in a good manner. Let me make one thing clear, no parent teaches his or her child to rape a woman.

Let's look at the safest countries for women, Japan is one of the first few names that strikes your mind. Why is it the safest country for women in the first place? A porn industry exists there, ladies wear short clothes as well and men are pretty fond of sex there as well, presumably. Then why is it such a safe country that any female can go out in the night and don't bother a single bit? The reason is really simple, sex education! 

Sex education is such an important issue to be discussed. It teaches you about emotional relationships and social responsibilities. It teaches about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate. It teaches about human sexual anatomy. It teaches about safe sex and unsafe sex. It teaches about reproduction rights and reproduction health. It teaches about sexual abstinence and birth control. In short, people's vision about sex will change drastically and the results are definitely going to see the positive trend.

The current generation of kids are all going to school and what people learn during their early school days stay in their heart and mind forever. You can barely change the current status of women safety in the country but the future has to be safe and if we don't make a system that makes a change and brings the sex education in, parents will tremble sending their daughter out of the closed doors and you definitely don't want to have such a toxic environment in the country. It's on government to make the handful changes, it is definitely the need of the hour!  

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