Is Instagram adding new features in 2020?

Instagram has always been a great platform for the users who love to take a hell lot of pictures and share it with a number of people. Although various platforms preceding it like Facebook, Twitter have always provided it to them, the spark was clearly missing with the reach, the number of editing options and several other things in order to interact with people through the medium of clicks. The Instagram lovers might want to know what is new in Instagram in 2020?  

History of last 90 days

This is one of the major features coming out of the platform this time around. You will get to know exactly how many people came to your profile in the last 3 months and in what capacity as the algorithms work just about fine. It will be helpful for you especially if you are running a business account and you want to know what drags the attention of people and what does not.

Setting age limit 

Now you can set an age limit for the people who should be interacting to your account. If you want to post pictures which are way to sensuous to handle, you should try to keep the age limit 18 as it is not meant for the kids. For a business as well, there is a certain age group you would like to cater to and you need to look after it when you are using Instagram in 2020.

Instagram checkout

Instagram checkout is going to be a huge change in terms of people looking at Instagram as just a fun tool, it is going to mean so much more to the audiences. You might have a list of your favorite products. You don't have to worry anymore since you can purchase them directly on Instagram. It saves your time and as far as the business party is concerned, it is a huge opportunity to monetize their Instagram feed.

Creator profiles 

This is something meant for people like us who like to show their creativity with a huge toolbox of words. Instagram had already given people to make either a business account or a personal account on the platform. But now there is a third option available too which is a creator profile. It is meant for bloggers or content creators and choosing this method will allow you to choose your particular way of dropping the content. If you want to use this feature in Instagram in 2020, you can go to Account, click on switch to professional account and then click on creator profiles.

Instagram scheduler 

As you can pick by the name itself, you can now drop posts whenever you want to do it and if you want to be really specific with time, you can make it early on and then schedule its posting time. This feature is important on Instagram in 2020 because sometimes people want to make posts which is feasible all across the globe but the timing problems can lead to problems of not reaching up to the expected number of people. This feature will break the barriers! 

The speculations of Instagram removing likes for good is a mere speculation only as the tests didn't conceive good results for the owners. Thus Instagram getting rid of likes is not going to happen. The Disney Instagram filter, dark mode Instagram have found a success and you can look to enjoy these features. Will there be any drastic changes in the future? The time will tell but until now, these are the changes in Instagram for the year! 

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  1. This is so informative, thank you. I had no idea of the most features you mentioned. I would definitely try them out.

    1. I am glad you came to know about it through my blog 😊😊

  2. I am genuinely interested to see how the Creator profiles continue to evolve. At this time, there aren't that many differences that we've been able to identify, but I feel like this may be something that we're going to see continue to grow and chance in time.