Unheard 21st century Indian films that deserves a watch- part 2

As you already know, there is a template for cinema in India. Most of the films that do good numbers on box office needs to have good amount of action, dances and a lot of drama that fills the tank up. Here are some of those films that you need to watch immediately if you have got the time and you cannot resist good cinema:-


How many of you know that there is a film featuring powerhouse of talents Rajkumar Rao, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Manoj Bajpayee all in the very same film? Chittagong is a film based around the period of 1930s where a group of people took their stand against the British rule in East Bengal. Directed by Bedabrata Pain, the film went on to get rave reviews from the critics. The director went on to win a national award and the film sadly faded away.


My last blog on the same topic featured too many of Anurag Kashyap cinema. Such is the class of his world that you can watch his stuff on regular basis. Ugly is one such film which failed to do well at the box office which is normal for an Anurag Kashyap directorial and this one has to go down as his bravest attempt. A psychological thriller, the performances are top notch and unlike much of Kashyap's directorial work, it has a racy screenplay.


Talk about good cinema, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to try something unique all the time. Raincoat is a simple love story with a different masala to it that makes it so good to watch. Probably Aishwarya Rai's best act ever, this feature saw an impeccable performance from her. Ajay Devgn was as good as ever and Rituparno Ghosh's direction provided for some really good moments on screen. If you are a drama lover, you need to watch this one surely!

My Brother... Nikhil

Imagine doing a film based around a person who is HIV positive and is in a gay relationship and he doesn't act all that abnormal back in 2005? This film created quite some controversy but it deals with so many of issues so well and delicately that you will end up falling in love with it. Directed by Onir, this film has been made really well and deserves at least one watch for the supreme effort.


You must have seen Tigmanshu Dhulia in Gangs of Wasseypur in the most hateable gimmick ever in this century. The stellar actor is an even better director and one of the most underestimated ones in the industry as well. His 2002 directorial Haasil provided for some factual evidences of what goes in and out in an educational institution and all the politics surrounding it. This film features one of the best acts of Irrfan Khan who simply stole the show in the villainous character! 

Dil Dosti etc.

If you want to watch the best of Shreyas Talpade, you need to look at his earlier work. Dil Dosti etc is a film meant for youth, especially for the youngsters of today who believe sky is the limit for them. Manish Tiwary provided for a really engaging screenplay and the dialogues of the film are its USP. It is a fun film that will keep you hooked in all the way through for sure! 


If not for anything, this movie deserves appraise for Kay Kay Menon's interrogation scene where he just landed it out of the park. It features some of the best performances you are ever going to witness in Hindi cinema. Kay Kay Menon was simply astonishing in his role but guys like Rahul Bose, Javed Jaffrey, Deepak Dobriyal really got to their own too in this great film. Go for it at least once.

So these are some of the films that have not gotten their due credits. Want more of them? Let me know in the comment section if I should feature more parts of it in the future! 

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  1. I never realise there was such a huge movie culture in india. Always thought it was amateurs mostly but you cleared that hopefully i can watch raincoat despite not not understanding the language properly.

    1. You can go for each one of them and I promise you, there wouldn't be any disappointment!