Corona virus: Everything that you need to know about it

"Corona virus", hasn't it been the talk of the Town as of late? People are fearful, they are distort. If we see how it has fared in China, you would know how dangerous it is for human life. Here we are going to talk about the disease and most of the things related to it that you would like to know about.

What is Corona virus? 

To make you understand in the layman's term, Corona viruses can be referred to as a virus. It is injected from the animals. It affects the respiratory tracts of mammals which of course includes human beings as well. It is associated with common cold and can impact your gut by a decent margin. It was first isolated way back in 1937 but little did anyone know it will take such a huge turn of events after about more than 80 years.

What are the symptoms of corona virus?

The symptoms of corona virus are as common as anything. Sneezing, runny nose, coughing which are also labelled as small problems impacts the body big time. It cannot be cultivated easily by the scientists either like the other forms of virus. The impact of corona virus is yet to be found out as science itself has been speechless as of now.

How to cure corona virus? 

There is no cure that has been found out yet and this is what makes people even more fearful. He best you can try to do is have the self-care to as much extent as you can and not lose the hope. You should try to drink enough water and be relaxed. The more you tell your body everything is okay, the better position you would be in to fight your cause. You need to avoid smoking completely in such a case.

Does corona virus get transmitted from one human to another? 

It does, like any other virus would. The human to human transmission is always possible so you need to stay concerned all the time.

Corona virus cases 

The number has kept on increasing over the past few months and the rate at which it is seeing an upward trend is shocking to witness. To be precise, there are about 95,488 cases all across the world and it might cross 1L anytime now. The death count has been increased to 3,286 with almost 3k cases coming out of China itself. There are about 53,689 people that have been cured by God's grace.

Corona virus in India 

The number of cases have increased to 29 in the democratic country and most of them have to do with the foreigners stepping into India as speculated by most of the news agencies. 3 cases have been recovered which is a sigh of relief.

It is yet to be understood whether corona virus is going to take the turn for worse or will it fade away after some time. Once scientists clarifies how to deal with it nicely, the cases are bound to drop. One can only hope to get rid of it completely! 

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