Best places to visit in 2020 once the lockdown period ends

The entire world is suffering from an opponent larger than life. However, Corona has not been able to create a struggling situation here in India. Thanks to a well planned period of lockdown by Narendra Modi, it has hardly impacted lives over here. People are itching to go out of their spaces and get back to normal life. Some people would want to travel once the lockdown ends, here are some of the places to visit in 2020:- 

Coorg, Karnataka

It is also called "the Scotland of India". Coorg, Karnataka is one of the heavenly locations that would definitely excite you once you visit there. Unlike the other parts of Karnataka, Coorg is located amidst the mountains giving it a grand look. This hill station is popular for the production of coffee. You can come here anytime between October and March and it would be a visit worth every bit of your time. It should be on top of your list in terms of places to visit in 2020.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Moving from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu, there's a hill station lying amongst the hot environment of this state as well. It is one of the most talked about honeymoon destinations all across India. This place has one of the best climates all across the nation and not just Tamil Nadu. People down south visit this place often and has become more and more popular on everyday basis. It stands at an altitude of 7200 feet. 

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is known for a lot of places and you can look for these places to visit in 2020. Khajuraho happens to be one of them. Unlikely the previous names on this list, it is not a hill station. It is rather known for the architecture set around this place. It can also be called an architectural masterpiece and you will be left in awe once you see the sculptures here and the quality of the art is second to none.

Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh 

You would hear the locals referring to it as "Vizag". When you talk about landscape and the best view of beaches, Vizag stands affirm on some of the topmost places here in India. People like to visit this place often for the same reason as well. If you have not visited this location yet, you need to go for it as soon as possible. You will be thoroughly satisfied after visiting the scenic views over there.

      Hampi, Karnataka

It is a UNESCO world heritage site for a reason. There are about 500 ancient monuments situated in this location. The best about these monuments is that each one is different from the other and looks as beautiful and as ravishing as it can get. Hampi happens to be an open museum with 100+ mesmerizing locations which will make your time and money worth every bit and penny for sure.

Auli, Uttarakhand

Just take a good look at this picture, you would be able to understand the beauty and the nature that this place is set around. Auli is the skiing destination of India and for a varied number of reasons. The snowfall here is heavy during the winters. Thr Trekking here is very popular as well. If you don't want to do any of that, you can still visit it for the spellbound view of the snow trapped mountains.

So these are some of the places to visit in 2020. India is filled with ravishing locations where you can add impelling experiences to your life and revisit them when the time is right. For now, it is about staying back at home. Once this period ends, you should definitely try to go for one of these places if you need refreshment and channelisation of new sort of energy in your life! 

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