WrestleMania 36: What are the takeaways?

WrestleMania 36 proved to be an event which will be remembered for a long time in WWE history. It is not because the event had too many epic matches, they were far and few in between. But the fact that they could pull it off without a crowd and still make it an entertaining watch for the WWE fans all across the globe. Now that you see the larger picture, there are too many things to be taken out of it. 

One of the biggest takeaways can be the way they edited the gimmick matches. It is something that WWE has not pulled off very often but the boneyard match between Styles & Taker definitely set the tone right. The Firefly Fun House match was a really interesting outing as well. The way they picturized the entire thing with all the production value that was put in has to be lauded. It is an assurance that the production unit can pull off such matches in the foreseeable future again.

The women's division has set out some interesting future outings. Charlotte Flair won the NXT title once again in a match against Rhea Ripley and it happened to be the MOTN for me in terms of pure wrestling. It will be an exciting watch whether she becomes a regular worker for NXT now. As expected, they are building a Sasha/Bayley feud for the future and it can be Sasha's moment with the title at SummerSlam. Becky Lynch retained the title all over again and as stale as her run has been for past some time now, there seems no real competition right now who has got momentum in hand. 

The whole angle surrounding Otis and Mandy Rose has been such entertaining stuff. The kiss between them would have blown the roof off had it happened in front of a proper WrestleMania crowd. They have built it perfectly and kept people engaged regarding the next thing to come in the storyline. While Kevin Owens winning over Seth Rollins was very refreshing to see as well. 

While Brock Lesnar and Goldberg might just not appear in WWE for the coming months, Undertaker's return into his big evil persona raises more questions than answers. Was it for one night only? Or is it going to be used for some of his final few matched in the ring since it is a gimmick which allows him to act like a human being and not some guy with supernatural powers.

The biggest of sigh relief is the fact that the world titles belong to first time champions. While Braun Strowman has been very lucky to get the Universal title in the absence of Roman Reigns, Drew McIntyre always had high chances of getting his big moment in the main event of WrestleMania. The new champions will open doors for new feuds and it will be interesting to see how things really go down with the titles in the future. 

Were you satisfied with WrestleMania 36? What are your takeaways from the event? Comment below your opinions regarding the biggest stage of em all! 

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