Mother: The most selfless creature in one's life

“The natural state of motherhood is unselfishness," said Jessica Lange, a veteran and legendary female actor. How true is the statement? I bet we all can relate to this statement one way or the other. It's the mother's day 2020 and here I am, celebrating motherhood, celebrating the most beautiful thing in the world! 

As a guy myself, I would never be able to understand what it feels to be a mother. But I am pretty sure it is a great feeling to be it. More importantly, it is a very tough job to be a mother. It's not a job that will ever see a holiday or a retirement, once you are into it, there's no turning back.

It starts ever since a woman becomes pregnant. The job to be patient for a period of 9 months is itself very tricky. There are a certain things women needs to take care of within that period of time. The things you eat, the things you feel and everything for that period is centered around the fact that a healthy child is born. 

But that's just the beginning of parenting, the real job begins from the time a child takes birth to the time he can walk properly, talk properly. There are sleepless nights for a mother, there are times when the child falls sick and she cannot think straight. The life circles around the child and everything is tirelessly dedicated to him by the mother.

The real game starts when the kid starts going to school. If the kid would not act well and respectful with the people, if he is not going to be good with his studies, the blame goes back to the mother. Because a father isn't responsible for it, right? That's what the society thinks to this day. It's a tough time around and when the kid finally grows up to be a man, all she wants is her son to make it big, to be able to earn for himself, to be successful in his life. She feels accomplished if her son is able to make a name for himself even if he doesn't give her a penny back, such is motherhood, such is the love and affection of a mother. 

Here's wishing a happy mothers' day 2020 to all the mothers out there. As I have already discussed, being a mother is a larger than life experience. It is a creation of god that knows how to keep everyone happy and satisfied. Life may change over the period of time but the presence of a mother and the importance of motherhood is always going to stay the same forever! 

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