6 years of Modi Government: An Analysis

It was 16 May, 2014 when the landscape of an entire nation took a turn. A day when the history books had to be rewritten. There was this energy that took everyone by a storm which happened to be referred as "Modi Leher". Congress finally had to surrender after controlling the country way more often than their opposition. It was the dawn of a new era. NDA sealed the spot, it brought a magnificent change to the mindset of the people. They started believing something can happen, something big, something for the better!

This was a shocker since it ended up being a one sided battle. Many people could not think straight and all they could ask was how and why? The answer to all the questions lied in two words:- Narendra Modi. A man who took successive oaths as the chief minister of Gujarat and served the folks over there with all the pride and satisfaction. The entire public of the country felt the change was needed desperately and Narendra Modi was their hope for the better, the idea for the development.

6 years from the day, Narendra Modi led government have tried to do a hell a lot in whatever capacity they can do it. There have been a big bunch of activities planned. It all started with swachh bharat abhiyan and was succeded by Make in India, Superpower by 2020, GST, demonetization and the very recent and controversial, CAB.

On the ground level, planning was pretty much up to the mark and it still is very much evident. But did the government get their act straight? Could they apply their plans and execute them to perfection? If you ask me, they have not really been able to get there. It's been a mess where they have failed to put their plans to the actual action!

You can still feel that Swachh Bharat has gotten there somehow but all the other plans have been implemented unsuccessfully which is the least we can say at this moment. But when you look at the bigger picture, you would understand that there is a lot which has been done too. You cannot takeaway the relations that India has with other countries. If it has been made possible to make friends with almost all the nations which are economically strong, the reason is BJP and the prime minister himself.

Some decisions have been considered very controversial too. One of those was to make the statue of unity. It took a whooping Rs. 2989 crores to get there. This happened at a time when unemployment rate was soaring at an all time high. Could the same money be used to build industries, to make people employed, those of them who desperately need it? There can be a massive debate on the same.

We are not trying to be too critical here but how much of a work was put to get benefited with Make in India for real? Was "Superpower by 2020" even put above the ground level or kept underneath since the get go? Was it really needed to go for the citizenship amendment bill at a time when the economical crisis are at its peak? The results and decisions sometimes put the Modi government to a lot of shame. The outrage between two communities that is Hindu and Muslim have ignited and it is still to reach a climax!

On 16th May 2020, when you look back, you see more misses than hits. Although the focus has been completely shifted right now to Covid-19, there is no doubt in the fact that a lot of work is needed to keep the nation on its feet. It is on its toes at the moment and the toes may get crushed anytime. You can hope Modi Ji make some wonderful decisions which becomes a prosperity to the population of 1.3 billion people. Until then, stay back, do not move out, battle it out with corona to eventually win it! 

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