Work from home: How is technology being helpful in the cause?

It's been one of the biggest changes Covid-19 has made. Apart from sitting back at home, working from home has become a challenge of its own. There are so many people who do it very often but when an entire population across the globe has to walk through the same path, it becomes a lot more interesting scenario. Sitting at the desk in your office with a number of employees having the same motives around is a lot different than sitting back at home alone working for the job. The vibe is what matters the most and working from home completely changes it in a hindsight.

But what if there was no technology? What if the people at their jobs did not have a laptop or a phone in their hands to do the job for their employers? The situation would have been really worse for so many companies and in turn, it would have affected an entire population, an entire economy. When a couple of companies earn huge losses, the economy gets affected right away!

One of the most relieving changes in technology is adaptive WiFi. You use the right sort of network and you can even go to your bathroom to do the job, not that it is the most wise decision but can at least get the gist of it. It allows you to do your work at the same pace as you would have asked from yourself and work from home becomes a smooth sailing in its own rights.

The video call services have become top notch too. Zoom meeting is the most used application in this regard right now which gives a completely satisfactory video calling experience even in a conference. Skype, Google Duo, FaceTime and even Facebook Messenger are some of the other applications that have really helped the cause. So now you can just go through all your files and let your boss know your progress each passing day.

You need to count in the instant communication tools as well. Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and so many other applications are used very often to send and receive the messages all at ease. These platforms allows you to text at your own convenience and if you don't like it, you can drop voice notes too. It's that very quick.

Covid-19 might have given a load of troubles to an entire community of people but at the same point of time it has given new prospects of living, new dimensions of looking at life. Work from home is one of those things that will be something else as experience to a big bunch of people. Some are enjoying it, some are hating but it is going to be polarizing and that is understandable.

Are you working from home? If yes, do you like it working from your home or is it better sitting in your office? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. This is nice. Keep going <3

  2. People are lucky that broadband exist, although even in countries like those in the EU and in the US, not everyone has good enough internet access to work from home as needed

    1. That's so true.. this is what technology is doing for all of us!