How have times changed in the past decade?

It's 2020 and the year is so talked about for all the wrong reasons in the world. I have talked enough about the circumstances that we are facing together right now but in the process we have completely disregard the fact that it is an all new decade. If we talk about last 10 years, we have seen amazing changes in our surrounding as well as in our lives. There are both the goods as well as the bads, let's talk about both of them one followed by the other.

The Goods

Going back to 2010, there were several things which were different from what it is today. One of the major changes is technology and networking system. In 2010, we were struggling to get a nice phone which could cope up with playing music, snapping pictures, making calls and what not. Today's a time when we are seeing rapid changes in phones and there's a huge tussle between Android OS and iPhone OS. Androids have definitely seen a huge up in the technology and billions and billions of people have found it a satisfying experience. iPhones are still on the same page and have their share of users.

 When it comes to networks, the 2Gs transition to 3Gs and then to 4Gs have given new standards to the speed and accuracy of it. People struggled to download small files back then and now everyone is digging use of 1-2 GB data in a day and that's become very common. The prices have gone down too which has completely transported the networking system to a whole new level.

The machines have kept coming in and the sizes have gone down too. The cars have seen so many changes with almost every car having the features of vxi or lxi which was not the case back in the day. 

The scope for experimenting regarding anything has opened up well. The businesses have started to spread into various aspects. A business dealing in communication is dealing in petroleum too. Through online means, people have started to spend their time in a lot more useful way.

The use of social media has definitely been one of the major changes. If someone back in 2010 said everyone can earn through the medium of YouTube, he would have been considered stupid and dumb. But this is literally happening today. People are making a career out of their social media accounts which is baffling but true at the same point of time. Talk about scope? People have indeed found innovative ways of earning themselves money. 

The Bads 

People have changed, they have changed enormously. Yes, smartphones and iPhones have been a true revelation in technology. But the same technology have decreased the chances of people coming together for real, they have stopped enjoying the time with each other. They are busy in their lives and no one else is accountable to enter those lives. Even when there are get-togethers, people are busy clicking selfies and making videos rather than coming together and have some conversations for real. It has been a drastic change.

When we talk about social media, it comes with so many bad aspects as well. There are celebrities out there and they have got the fanclubs of their own. These fanclubs would have terrible fights time and again. They ooze hate and nothing else. Trolling is fine but when you go really personal with someone's life on social media, it is torturous. To make a point, this has been happening on everyday basis and they don't know where to stop, hence the trouble.

The kids have stopped going out too. They are busy with their PlayStations and their phones and they have stopped going out and play those outdoor games. How many of the kids you see outside playing in the streets? If I talk in number, if 100 kids used to play outside in 2010, it has been dropped down to just 10 today. Currently, it's a good cause but even when corona is done and dusted down the road, you wouldn't see the numbers increasing.

The physical activities have gone down. People use machines in order to do the job which they should have been doing themselves and it might save them tire for the moment but slowly and steadily, your body starts to go really down and you become extremely unfit. Unless you gym, you're not fit.

The pollution, deforestation is increasing drastically too. The number of diseases spreading have increased too, case in point, Covid-19!

          The Conclusion

Technology has done a load of goods to the entire world but there are its cons and these cons have a great chance of overshadowing the pros. The best you can do is try not to harm the nature, try not to get empowered by your social media life, interact with a bunch of people regularly and stay fit. You need to up the game in terms of your immune system otherwise you're one step away from facing a disease. 

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