Black Lives matter: Why has George Floyd's death infused so much of a controversy in the US?

Amidst something really serious and threatening problem in the world that goes by the name of covid-19, the attention has been completely driven as of now. The whole world is looking at the US where Donald Trump is getting the heat of the people, especially of the black community. As we all know that some seriously fatal actions withdrawn from the police offers in Minneapolis police department led to the death of a 46 year old man named George Floyd. He was charged of having a counterfeit bill of $20 and within 20 minutes of the reporting by the shopkeeper, he was lying on the ground, lifeless. Some people might think it was a plain stupid and criminal action by the police offers who were there on the spot while most of the others believe that black people are simply not respected anywhere. Black lives matter, every life matter barring the race. But was it important to have this moment? Why did one death erupted an entire system? Let's look at some of the points below. 

The history 

Black people have a history of such incidents

It is not the first time a black person has suffered for no real reason in North America. There is no doubt in the fact that black people have never been respected as much as the whites in the continent and you never know the reason behind this case. They have been assaulted, raped, humiliated for no real reason. No matter how much of a talent a black guy possess or the heights he can achieve along with making an entire nation proud, the respect is really not there. In the history of United States, there has been only one black president. We all know the revolutionary man was Barack Obama. Even the biggest of celebrities who have been lauded for their work have faced the humiliation just because they were black. This is one of the reasons why Black lives matter is trending on social media platforms cause it is almost now or never for them. 

Fight against injustice 

The police officer choked George Floyd to death

Black lives matter, no two bits about the fact that the race needs its respect but on the ground level, every life matters. An injustice is an injustice no matter if it happens against a black or a white guy. This is one of the top reasons why white community has held its front in the protests as well. The value of humanity is diminishing day by day and this revolutionary move was needed for sure. It is not just the case with United States but every part of the world sees some really bad calls from the people in power. They need to understand that physically abusing someone for no real reason just because they have got a uniform which allows them to do so will bring them repercussions as well. Those of them who deserve punishment never get their dues while innocent lives get destroyed from time to time. This is simply a fight against injustice and everyone need to take a stand here if they still believe in humanity. It is not a movie where everything ends well at the end of the day. If you want everything to be well, you need to be responsible for the happening of the same.

Social Media rage 

Women protesters believing that the black lives matter

We often criticize social media platforms for having too much of cons to show off but hang on, there are some good prospects to look at as well. If it wasn't for social media, black lives matter movement wouldn't have been even 25% as big as it really went. This is a time when people are on social media day and night, they have nothing else to do. If they see something that is not right, the entire community raises their voice. There are heated arguments that goes back and forth and most people have spoken in the favour of this movement. Black lives have been distorted and made fun of time and again. This is the time when everyone needs to understand that race does not make anyone good or bad, it is how that person truly behaves on the ground level which matters the most. Judgement based on color need to be dispatched off and generations to come have to live a much better life without all this hate. This is why this movement was needed now more than ever.

The black lives matter movement is becoming bigger day by day. The protests are still taking place all over the United States. The disrespect towards police community is clearly visible and no one really knows when it is truly going to stop. George Floyd's death happened because of the wrongdoings of the police and they have to bear these protests too. They need to take it very seriously that they cannot be disrespectful to anyone for no real reason, let alone kill them and then try to defame the same. 

What do you think about the movement? Do you believe the injustice against black community will dissolve after this revolution? Let me know in the comments! 

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  2. Every life matters every living being has full and equal right. This whole difference of caste colour creed must end.👍

  3. People should understand the value of love and peace