Why is South Indian /Regional Cinema better than Hindi cinema?

Why is South Indian cinema better than Hindi cinema?

When we talk about cinema in India, we know for a fact that it is popular and mainstream ever since it first started. For a longer period of time, however, Indian cinema was considered directly proportional to Hindi cinema. Regional films were not given the attention which they truly deserved. It was until Baahubali released, which made differentiation in the thought process of cine-goers. Almost 5 years from the release of Baahubali: The Beginning and most of the people who watch films on a regular basis have made it a habit to check out regional or South Indian films. But the film industry is much more than just the films, there are a lot of aspects related to it. The relationships in the industry, the media involved and how it covers the news about it, the respect given to the deserving artists, all of it matters. There is a personal opinion that South Indian or regional cinema is much better than Hindi cinema currently as an industry as a whole. Here are some of the reasons which will back the statement:-

       Original scripts 

Even if we are talking about the technical aspects of filmmaking, South Indian cinema has seen a great rise as the funds have been generated easily even for the big-budgeted films. But when we talk about scripting which is the heart and soul of a film, there's no doubt in my mind that Hindi cinema has seen a great degradation. The technical aspects have improved and there's no doubt regarding it at all but most of the big banners have limited themselves to buying the rights to blockbuster South Indian or Hollywood films. It does a couple of things. First and foremost, it undermines the value of writers in Hindi Cinema. They are not credited enough and their work is not taken into consideration at all which is a big shame. Secondly, it raises the expectations for the film and if the film is not made well, the criticism is at its peak and the entire industry has to suffer from the blame and trolling. The respect drowns down and the sad part is, most of the film producers in Hindi cinema don't find it a matter of concern.

   Wastage of resources 

Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar tend to waste their resources while making a film

What if I told you that Baahubali: The beginning was made on the exact same budget as Kalank? Yes, you heard it right. But there's a vast difference between the two projects. You have visuals lighting up your eyes in joy when you watch Baahubali while Kalank does nothing but simply put you to sleep. This is one of the things I have never understood on the part of Hindi cinema. They cannot spend a few lakhs to buy a script from an original writer instead of remaking stuff but when it comes to shooting the songs for films, they go abroad and spend tons of money just to get the visuals right for the song. The attention of the soul of the film is totally lost but it is completely ignored. Kalank was spectacular in terms of filming the songs correct but the screenplay was worse than Student of the year which speaks for itself. Why don't you write scripts which are unique and effective when you have to spend in the range of 150 to 200 crores on the same? I would never get it, nor will most of the brilliant directors of South Indian, regional or even Hindi cinema.

Focal point 

Hindi actors are too busy dancing around than improving their actual craft

When it comes to the film industry, no matter if it is Hollywood or Bollywood or South Indian or any other film industry, the focus got to be making films which are quality. It doesn't necessarily mean that all the films that are released in Hollywood or any other industry happen to be quality all the time. There will be occasions when the project will disappoint you but the industry moves on to the next work, that's how it should be anyway. The biggest problem with Bollywood is that they have to do it all. Most of the people belonging to this industry have to walk the red carpets, they have to dance in the award functions, they have to attend the prime minister every month and the utmost, they need to attend Coffee with Karan. Some of the female actors in Hindi cinema are known more for their fashion sense than they are regarded for their acting abilities. Doesn't it stink really bad? That's what the audience feels but guess what? These actors have little to no respect left with themselves, they will keep on walking the same path which will offer them no respect at all from the fans. 


One thing that I seriously adore about South Indian cinema is the cordial environment in each of the industry there. You will hardly see any rifts amongst the actors. There are audio functions for most of the films and some big star is invited to each of these functions as a guest to promote the project. Vijay, Ajith in Kollywood and Mahesh Babu, Jr. NTR in Tollywood see their fans troll the hell out of each other on social media but they are very good friends amongst each other and always wish for the best of each other. In Hindi cinema, however, there's a cold rivalry going around every now and then for sure. Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan had a huge tussle for over 7-8 years and currently, Deepika Padukone and Anushka Sharma are said to be on the same terms, they allegedly cannot stand each other. Some of the actors and directors have always gotten their issue. The problem is not in these people but the entire system that has existed for a number of years in Hindi cinema. Regional cinema is leagues above B-Town in this regard and it will stay the same for decades to come too. 

Unfair environment 

Irrfan Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui have never been respected in the industry

The hypocrisy of the system in Hindi cinema is such that the media houses are ready to cover meaningless stories about a 4-year-old kid Taimur but they don't have anything to publish regarding Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Irrfan Khan. The outsiders in the industry have to work extremely hard to give their blood, sweat and tears. But only a few gems get the superstardom quite like Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan. Most of the others are eaten alive by the system and the prime example is Sushant Singh Rajput who suffered all the unfair practises some of the media houses had to throw at him. In South Indian cinema, it is strictly about the films and personal lives of actors are barely taken into the account. Every actor is given equal opportunity and the most deserving gets the best of the roles. The award functions are not as meaningless as Hindi cinema either which speaks volumes about how respectable the entire South Indian industry is as a whole.

The whole differentiation & injustice amongst star kids and outsiders even after the later happen to put on a bundle of impressive performances is what is exactly wrong with Hindi cinema. When Vijay Devarakonda found success with a blockbuster film and an amazing performance in "Arjun Reddy", he was considered talk of the town immediately in Telugu Cinema. When Vikram performed exceptionally well in "Anniyan", he swept away all the awards for it. I would go as far as saying that Rajinikanth would have been restricted to mere supporting characters if he stuck to Hindi cinema instead of Tamil cinema. In Hindi cinema, looks are the priority to become a star. They happen to give a lot of value to dancing abilities, six-pack abs, action and acting talent is barely even considered. Maybe Hindi cinema will stop remaking and ruining subjects, maybe Hindi cinema will stop being so unfair to the outsiders, maybe Hindi cinema will see the decrease in the level of hypocrisy, maybe that day comes tomorrow. We hope it is the case and outsiders have to suffer no more and the talent is allowed to come in. If it is not the case then as Sushant Singh Rajput said, "the entire system will collapse"! 

What do you think? Is Hindi Cinema better than South Indian cinema or you agree with my statement? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. You have written it really well and descriptive way. I love the niche you have chosen.
    And Yes I love South Indian movies!

    1. Thank you so much sir, I love your work as a blogger and glad that you liked this blog.. I will keep on working!

  2. Haven't watched much south indian films but this blog makes me want to watch more of them!

  3. Amazing write-up ! I'm not totally into tollywood but I really appreciate some movies . I definitely agree with you !!

    1. It's not just Tollywood, there are other industries in South as well.. Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, all are really good!

  4. I am not much into movies but i completely agree that Bollywood focus more on awards rather creating a good storyline.

    1. You should watch films more I believe, it is a worth it experience!