A Nature's Song


A nature's song

It's the world photography day and there's no better way to celebrate it than penning down a poem regarding nature which relates the most with photography. Here you go! 

"Blue skies, fluffy clouds,

The morning seems sappy. 

The birds chirping, trees whirling,

The wind is making everyone happy. 

The afternoon song, the yellow sunlight,

Are you trying to interpret the prophecy?

The green grass, the cackling water,

Trying to keep something in secrecy. 

The starry night, the white moonlight,

Steals away all the lovers.

The creaking crickets, the owl's calls,

The nature beholding its preservers. 

Look around at the beauty of everything,

Let go of the strings you are holding. 

For once relax your mind and see,

The nature is beautiful and you'll agree." ~ Ayushi Das 

A Nature's song

Once again, happy world photography day to everyone. Do let us know in the comment section how you feel about the poem!

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