WHO is a woman?

Poem on woman

(Back with the guest blog post and it is yet another poem which is based around women and who truly is a woman)

What is a woman?
A mother feeding her child,
Feeling the constant burning sensation on her nipple.
Or someone managing the budget,
Stopping the family from being a cripple.

The foetus that gets killed,
Without even seeing what the world looks like.
Or the daughter who quits her dreams,
So that the brother can reach new heights.

The wife who tries apologizing to her husband,
Even when it wasn't really her fault.
Or the daughter-in-law giving up on her self-respect,
And listening to the taunts.

The body which gets thirst upon,
Even when it is covered up with right amount of cloth.
Or the soul that gets troubled and assaulted,
Because "she was the one who signalled that thought."

But WHO exactly is a woman?
The one who finds her path even after being eyed upon.
The one who breaks the barriers and gets what she want.
The one who knows how to be perfect in everything.
The one who needs no support of a man to be happening.

A woman is that flower which blooms brighter at the break of dawn.
A woman is the bird which soars freely even when it's a thunderstorm. ~ Ayushi Das

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  1. Loved it , awaited for more . 👍👍💞💞💞💞

  2. Amazing!! Beautifully articulated words❤❤

  3. Damn ��
    Really really beautiful ��

  4. Heyy, it's beautiful 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  5. Really beautiful lines.....❣️

  6. That is really a woman, best thing brotherz

    1. Yes that's what's it is, thanks for reading!

  7. I wish to read more.. such a great way of writing.. each word is so true..❤ thanks for this, it made my day😊

    1. Thank you so much but the credit goes to Ayushi for coming up with this fantastic work!

  8. That’s really deep and profound. 🙏

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  10. Great post! I loved reading this!