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Beautiful poem

(Hello folks, it's been a long time. Here's a unique and beautiful poem that you need to check out, it's the first post of September here on Ajtalk. Here we go!) 

A note of apologies. 

For being there when I was not wanted. 

Maybe it wasn't meant to be,

Did I ever force myself upon you?

Thought I was acting out of love. 

A note of gratitude.

The stars were always brighter,

Everytime I was with you.

For making me feel beautiful,

And holding me in thy arms. 

A note of cravings. 

I still want to meet you and hug you,

Not sure if you want the same. 

Can we gaze at the stars for once, 

Feeling our fingers and hearts intertwined?

A last note to self. 

Will it ever be okay again? 

The sadness will probably ebb away.

The eyes will stop crying,

But will the heart be able to do the same?

(Do give your feedback regarding it in the comments below) 

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  1. Loved this. A really evocative poem about something we always find quite simple, but that often hold a much greater meaning.

  2. Thought-provoking. A note to self: Be what you were. You shall find better.

    1. You got the right meaning out of it, that's more like it!

  3. So heart touching !!❤️��

  4. Again a piece of beautiful art penned down by a beautiful personality 😍