The rain's madness

Rain and its madness

(Here's a new poem about rainfall, its good effects and the bad ones too) 

"It sounds like a pitter-patter,

The low drizzle falls lightly,

The sky goes dark and intimidating,

The clap of thunder roars soundly.

The softness of a rain drop,

When it falls on your skin.

Can you listen to the rain song,

That the birds start to sing?

The rumbles of the clouds,

Sound all too very sweet,

But sometimes the gods become merciless,

And result in a farmer's defeat.

The winds howl loudly,

Creating nuisance and loss,

The rain flooding the fields and houses,

The people in a mayhem across. 

Like every coin has two sides,

So does the chit-chat of the rain,

The reason for a peacock's dance,

The reason for a massive hurricane.

It can cause a rainbow to flicker,

High up in the heavenly skies,

Or it can stir up a storm,

Destroying the area that lies. 

But there's always the sun,

Shining from behind the cloud,

When the storm has passed,

Pouring its golden light aloud. 

Fear not the rain,

As it brings more joy than sadness,

Listen to the birds chirping,

Enjoy the rain's madness." ~ Ayushi Das

Do let me know what you feel about the poem in the comments below! 

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