A bruised reflection


Rape a digital art

(It's a poem based on the sexual assaults that goes around and I believe there are thousands and thousands of such cases which do not see the light of the day) 

"My eyes were wide open,

My body was clothed. 

It was a full sleeve shirt,

Buttoned upto the throat. 

The train was moving fast,

It was an almost empty cabinet.

For a pair of red eyes was watching,

I thought boarding the train was a regret.

I stood there bidding my time,

Waiting for the train to stop. 

A shift at the corner of my eye,

And I felt my heart drop. 

The thing with the red eyes got up,

Slowly moving closer to me,

I stood there frozen,

Praying, "no please, thee."

I felt something on my back,

Crawling up to my hair.

The induction of unwanted touch,

Dread with a feeling of despair. 

I tried to move, run infact,

But there came the second limb, 

It grabbed my mouth,

And my brain was instantly dim.

I don't remember what happened next,

I had lost my conscious and vision. 

But the train was still moving,

When I woke up in an odd position.

I was feeling raw and cold,

My insides were aching. 

And then very slowly I saw,

My clothes were on the floor, gaping.

I stood up groaning loudly,

With blood on my thighs.

'My cycle date isn't today,'

Was the thought in my mind. 

Then my eyes fell upon the dark window,

A naked and bruised reflection stared back at me. 

I realised there were red tears on my face,

The sickness of the situation doomed on me...." ~ Ayushi Das 

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